Organic Farm Investments
     Add Safety & Diversity to Your Portfolio                             


At Organic Farm Investments, we believe that a well diversified investment portfolio should allocate a portion to farm investments.  What better way to add safety and diversity to your portfolio than investing in a tangible asset used to produce an essential product with returns that have had very low historical correlation with stocks and bonds.  Would your portfolio benefit by adding an organic farm investment?


Green Investment with High Returns

While it is high returns that we are after, the fact that organic farming  uses safe, eco-friendly methods that increase biodiversity is an added benefit that can make you feel good about your investment.  It also doesn't hurt that organic farmers are often able to have production costs similar to "conventional" farming while while often times being able to sell their product at a premium.

Premium Prices

In good times, people want to eat a premium product like organically grown food.  In bad times, the premium organic growers charge might shrink, but people still need to purchase and eat food.  This gives organic growers a heads they win, tails they break-even situation.


Worldwide Opportunities

Organic Farm Investments is looking to find the best farm investments worldwide for both our personal and client accounts.  Interested investors and those seeking investment funds should send an email to our contact address below.

The above Companion Planting chart comes from the McLeod EcoFarm on French Island, Victoria, Australia. 
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