Organic Farm Investments
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About Us

We invest in hard-working farmers who have what it takes to be successful and who understand and know how to minimize the risks associated with each of their products.

Matt Elston

Graduated Georgetown University cum laude with a Finance concentration in 1989 and received a JD from UCLA School of Law in 1993. 

Founded Strategic Investment Analysis, Inc in 1997.  Developed and managed unique alternative direct investment strategies which yielded outstanding returns for over 12 years. 

The founder of Organic Farm Investments, Matt has served as President and CEO of SIR Worldwide, Inc since 2005 and is an inactive member of the State Bar of California.  Matt has lived in and visited organic farms  in Colorado, California, Florida, Australia, New Zealand and France.

Some people look blindly at upside potential while paying minimal attention to downside possibilities.  Others are too pessimistic or risk adverse to take advantage of good investment opportunities that will increase their investment return while reducing their overall risk when properly implemented as part of a diversified investment strategy.
Analytical ability, honesty and unbiased risk/reward evaluation are our strongest assets.  See what those most familiar with us have to say:

"I was one of the initial investors in SIA. I have to say that it was a truly remarkable experience. Matt has an unparalleled understanding of risk and return, and I was lucky enough to have benefited from his depth of knowledge. I have known Matt for over 20 years, and he is an individual with tremendous character and loads of integrity. I would not hesitate to follow his advice again in the field of finance and investment."
J.R. Clisham

"I can't say enough about Strategic Investment Analysis (S.I.A.) and Matt Elston. As a former long time investor and employee of S.I.A. I have had extensive knowledge about the company and Matt Elston. S.I.A. delivered by far the best investment returns I have ever had. Not only did they far exceed my expectations they were also very consistent. Under Matt's leadership S.I.A. flourished and became an outstanding place to work. Matt's analytical skills and risk analysis was cutting edge and was an integral part of S.I.A's success. I would eagerly participate in another venture Matt Elston was associated with."      Michael Magarro

"As an investor of SIA I benefited from Matt’s ability to analyze risk and his disciplined approach to maximizing investor returns. I earned 9x my initial investment with SIA, and would jump at the chance to invest in future opportunities that Matt is involved with.

I also worked for Matt at SIA for eight years. During that time, Matt consistently demonstrated the integrity and character that commanded my loyalty. I consider Matt a great influence in my life, and I’m glad I have him as a friend."     Dan Robinson

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